Dianne van der Hoeven
Dianne van der Hoeven’s work is distinctive in combing and contrasting rigid and organic forms, with typography being a uniting factor throughout.

    She is a graphic designer with a strong interest in editorial and motion design. Having both an academic and artistic background, she is able to make interesting and meaningful connections.

    Within the design team of the Willem the Kooning’s Graduation Show of 2019, she was a communicator and visualizer; bringing concepts to paper and making visualizations based off of this. She worked from initial presentations to the board of directors to hands-on work for the routing & signing within the building.
(Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab)
Double Degree:

Bachelors (BA) in Graphic Design  (2016-2021)
Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

Bachelors (BA) in International Arts
& Culture (2016-2021)

Erasmus University Rotterdam