I aim to create and highlight important narratives through digital design, audiovisual works and research projects. Combining my academic and graphic design background with strong visual design, I am able to grasp the needed attention to redirect it to design that encapsulates complex stories to the core. My eye for detail and ability to make meaningul connections enables me to give any project the attention and insight it deserves.

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An AR installation within an event at WdKA I developed together with Lotte Gerick and Florian Schuster. We based on the concept of simulacra, coined by Baudrillard, who said that mass media feeds us images and ideas that are copies without an original. Within the project I was responsible for the visualization of the idea and the outward communication material; we used the image of an airplane crash to show that we are familair with ideas of which we have not seen the original.

The final event consisted of an AR immersion, playing with the idea of ‘original’ and ‘fake’ images.
Extended Realities (2018)
Collaboration with Lotte Gerick and Florian Schuster



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